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A World of Compassion – Vegan Recipes and Product Reviews

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About Me


Hola! If you want to find out more about what it's like to live cruelty-free, then you've come to the right place! I'm Maria, a vegan who ♥'s food. I started this blog because I know that making the transition from omnivore to vegan can be a bit tricky. But if you're ready to make this change, I'm here to tell you that what lies ahead is nothing short of rewarding and life changing. All you have to do is take the leap!

Featured Posts

LoveRaw Bars & Powder Blends

LoveRaw Bars & Powder Blends

Jun 17, 2017 | No Comments

Almost 6 years have passed since I switched to a plant-based diet…that’s a lot of time spent trying all sorts of vegan goodies. And the gist of it is, if I love it, it ends up on the blog! 🙂 This week I tried the energy bars and “Skin Food” powder blend by LoveRaw. Fantastic flavour combinations, […]

Evolve Organic Cosmetics Face Mist

Evolve Organic Cosmetics Face Mist

Jun 12, 2017 | No Comments

I found out about Evolve Organic Cosmetics some time ago and I have been very happy with the products I’ve tried so far, not only because their creams and sprays feel amazing on my skin, but because they use natural & organic ingredients. If you want to read the first post I wrote about them, you […]

Jewels of the Forest – Mushroom Jerky

Jewels of the Forest – Mushroom Jerky

Jun 9, 2017 | No Comments

As far as vegan jerky goes, I’ve seen a few brands using coconut, so I was excited to discover these snacks made by Jewels of the Forest. They use mushrooms instead of coconut to make their Sweet Chili and Sesame jerky. ❤ These snacks are made using organic oyster mushrooms, soy sauce, cane sugar, and spices. […]

Pana Chocolate

Pana Chocolate

Jun 5, 2017 | No Comments

The first time I tried Pana Chocolate, it was love at first nom 🙂 The bars are rich, have a lovely silky texture, and come in a variety of fun flavours. Currently there are 12 varieties, including some amazing combinations like pineapple & ginger, fig & wild orange, sour cherry & vanilla, hemp & nib, rose, and […]

Primrose’s Kitchen Muesli & Granola

Primrose’s Kitchen Muesli & Granola

May 29, 2017 | No Comments

Some breakfast noms you must try – the lovely muesli & granola mixes by Primrose’s Kitchen. They are super yummy, colourful, vegan, gluten-free, organic, and packed with flavour! 😀 Lots of choice too, they currently make all these varieties (they also have nut butters & smoothie boosters): raw beetroot & ginger muesli raw carrot & cinnamon muesli […]

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