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Feeding vegan food to your cat or your dog is somewhat of a controversial topic. Some vegans do it, others prefer to avoid it altogether because they worry that a vegan diet might not offer their furry friends everything they need to stay strong and healthy. After all, they are carnivores, so surely putting them on a plant-based diet can’t be good, right? vegan cat foodI am a vegan cat owner, and I struggle to make a decision when it comes to this topic. My cat eats regular cat food because I worry about her health, and I know that unlike us humans, cats are meat eaters. Their teeth are built for that. But on the other hand, every time I go out and buy food for her, I feel guilty that my money continues to fund the meat industry. So what’s a vegan pet owner to do? Here’s some good news! It looks like more and more companies have started making vegan food for cats and dogs that is very complete & gives them all the nutrients they need, like taurine. It depends from case to case, but experts now say that our furry friends can thrive and live healthy lives even on a vegan diet. More frequent visits to the vet are recommended just to make sure that no deficiencies build over time. vegan cat foodSo talking about companies that make vegan pet food, Benevo is one of them. These guys produce organic cruelty-free vegan food for cats and dogs that’s free from artificial colours, GMO’s, animal by-products and derivatives.vegan cat foodI was curious to see how my siamese would react to vegan cat food, so I got my hands on some of Benevo’s kitty noms and served it to Tahini. She gulped it right up! Benevo’s vegan cat food passed the test. 🙂 vegan cat foodSo now you’re probably wondering what I will do next…will I feed my cat vegan food or not? I’m still unsure to be honest. It’s a tough call to make. For now, I think I will keep giving her regular organic cat food, but from now onwards all the in-between meal treats she’s getting will be vegan. 

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1 comment on “Benevo Vegan Cat Food

  1. Don’t feed your cats a vegan diet! I’m vegan too and it sucks to feed them meat. Cats are obligate carnivores which means that it is biologically required for them to eat meat. Dogs can go vegan but not cats.

    To go even further cats shouldn’t even eat dry food. Obviously they can survive on dry food but it’s terrible for their teeth and digestion.

    It totally disgusts me but we feed our cats either a raw blend of organ meats (made specifically for cats with vitamins added) or tuna formulated for cats.

    Unfortunately there is no way around it. We rescued our kitties and I want nothing but the best for them. I want to respect them and take great care of them.

    The obvious choice for vegans is to have no pets at all. But we were faced with the choice of rescuing our pets or ignoring them and chose to take care of them.

    They need to eat meat so we have to give it to them (as disturbing as that is).

    Feeding cats a vegan diet should be considered abuse. I’m sorry but it’s that serious for their health!

    Even if this company claims it’s safe don’t use your cat as a guinea pig, it’s not worth the risk.

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