Bounce Energy Balls

I recently got my paws on some Bounce Energy Balls, and I rather enjoyed them! As far as energy/superfood/protein snacks go, these ones are a pretty interesting option.                            Bounce Energy BallsHere’s what I love about these energy balls : they have no artificial preservatives, are high in fibre & vitamins, they are gluten-free, and not very sweet. Now on to the sad part – even though they have 9 different varieties, only two of them are vegan ( Spirulina & Ginseng, and Cashew & Pecan ). The rest of them contain whey.                                                               Bounce Energy BallsBoth of the vegan varieties are lovely.The Spirulina & Ginseng one is full of healthy fats, and high in fibre, vitamin E & B12. It’s an amazing pre-workout treat. As for the Cashew & Pecan flavour, it’s full of nutty goodness and antioxidants. Perfect for mid-afternoon snacking. If I had to pick one out of the two, I would go for the Cashew & Pecan.❤                                                                 Bounce Energy BallsAnd just some feedback for the Bounce Energy Balls team: more vegan options please! 🙂 🙂 

To find out more about these bouncy energy snacks, check out their site