Cadus for Salt Brine – Nature’s Design

Vegan friends, this week I had the opportunity to try something that was entirely new to me – a Cadus for Salt Brine kit. This product is made by Nature’s Design, a brilliant Swiss company that creates some very interesting glassware ( you can read the review I wrote about them here ). You’re probably thinking, what is this thing and why do I even need to take it? Cadus for Salt Brine - Nature's DesignSo, salt brine is essentially salty water.If you make it using high quality salt, the brine contains up to 84 different minerals that are really beneficial for your body. Salt brine fills the body with natural energy, restores the pH balance, removes toxins and heavy metals ( it helps prevent rheumatic diseases as well as kidney stones and gallstones ), and balances the blood pressure. It is also said to help with allergies, digestive problems, and arthritis. You can also use it for body baths, steam inhalation, cleaning the nose, cold wraps, and for mouth hygiene ( you can use undiluted salt brine instead of toothpaste or as mouthwash ).                        Cadus for Salt Brine - Nature's DesignNow that you know all the benefits of the salt brine, you’re probably wondering how this kit works. This pack comes with a cadus for the brine, Himalayan halite salt ( rock salt ), and a wooden spoon with a long handle for collecting the brine. You’ll want to place a few rocks of salt in the jug, and fill it with water. After 6 hours, you’ll see that the rocks start to dissolve. That’s how you know the brine is ready to use ( the rocks will not dissolve completely unless you add more water ). As you use up the brine, continue to refill the jug with water until the salt rocks have dissolved completely. Here’s another fun – the salt brine solution won’t actually go bad. No viruses or bacteria can infect it so you can store it indefinitely.          Cadus for Salt Brine - Nature's DesignHere’s how you take it: every morning, drink one teaspoon of salt brine diluted with 150ml water. To experience the full benefits of the brine, it is also recommended that you drink 2 litres of water throughout the day.                      Cadus for Salt Brine - Nature's DesignThough the salt brine is beneficial for most, it’s not for everyone. If you are being treated for high blood pressure with medication, or suffer from hypertension you shouldn’t use the halite salt brine.Cadus for Salt Brine - Nature's Design

For more information about this kit & the company that makes it, check out their site here.