Chocolate Treats From Vegan Town

Vegan treat boxes are hardly anything new, but they are pretty great, especially if you live in a city where vegan products are relatively basic and limited ( at least that’s been my experience living in Barcelona for the past 4 years). 

I love vegan box subscriptions because every month feels a bit like Christmas, you never know what you’re going to get! I’m a super fan of the Vegan Cuts box, but I was very excited to discover the chocolate treats from Vegan Town, because yes, I am a chocoholic, and honestly, what could be more amazing than a beautiful boxful of vegan chocolates?! 😀

vegan_treatsAside from chocolate treats, they also have an assortment of sweets, biscuits and spreads. You can either go for the vegan treat box and let yourself be surprised ( which I recommend because it’s awesome to try new things), or if you already have some favourites in mind, you can put together your own box by selecting the items you want. The Vegan Treat Boxes are £20, or £25 for other destinations in Europe, so really good value for money!

Here are some of the wonderful chocolates I recently tried from Vegan Town:

  • Vantastic Schakalode – Original


  • Buccaneer Nougat Bar


  • iChoc with Almonds and Orange


I had tried two varieties of the Vantastic Schakalade chocolates before, one with macha powder, and a white chocolate bar with raspberry bits. Both of them were super yummy.

IMG_6462The original flavour is an alternative to classic milk chocolate, and after trying it I can tell you it comes pretty close to the real thing! It’s got sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, maltodextrin, soy protein, salt, vanilla flavouring, and soya lecithin. It’s 100% vegan and gluten free. Both this, as well as the iChoc chocolates are made in Germany. 


I loved the iChoc chocolate bar even more because the taste took me back to my student days when I would stuff my face with Terry’s Milk Orange chocolates. If you’ve spent some time in the UK, you’ll know which one I mean. 🙂 This organic rice chocolate bar contains raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, rice drink powder, almonds, granulated orange, hazelnut paste, orange essential oil, and bourbon vanilla extract. It’s super creamy, with a delightful citrus flavour. 


My favourite of the three has got to be the Buccaneer chocolatey nougat bar. This USA manufactured treat contains no trans fats, has nothing artificial, and is gluten-free. vegan_treatsInside you’ve got this lovely nougat texture, and outside a delicious rice milk chocolate coating. The taste is very similar to the Mars bar (so good!). It’s got some cane sugar, corn syrup, palm kernel oil, cocoa powder, rice powder, enzyme modified soy protein, salt, natural flavours, and soybean lecithin. 

vegan_treatsVegan Town have a yummy selection of chocolatey treats, but if you don’t know where to get started, here are some fabulous noms I recommend:

  • Vego Whole Hazelnut Vegan Chocolate Bar
  • Vivani Organic chocolates ( especially the White Nougat Crisp)
  • Mini Moo bars
  • Zero Zebra chocolate bars
  • Clif bars

If you need more cruelty-free chocolate in your life ( who doesn’t?! ), head over to their website & drool away! 😀