Chocolita – Exotic Raw Chocolate

I LOVE raw vegan chocolate, so imagine my joy when I discovered Chocolita! I was blown away by their unique range of dark and white chocolates.They’ve got over 10 different flavours, including some amazing ones like blueberry lotus, moontime rose, lavender dreamtime, jungle peanut crunch, pine pollen & lemon, cherry & almond, and goji schizandra.chocolita reviewChocolita chocolates are made with heirloom Arriba Nacional Cacao from Ecuador. They are vegan, raw, and paleo-friendly. All the ingredients used are fair trade, wild & organic, free from soy, gluten, corn fillers, and processed sugars. The sweetener in these bars is coconut palm sugar, which is low-glycemic, so these chocolates are also a great treat for diabetics.  🙂 Oh and one more thing – the packaging is also eco-friendly! In my household, we try to reduce the amount of waste we generate as much as possible, so whenever I can I pick products that are environmentally friendly. chocolita reviewI love these guys because it really looks like they’ve thought about everything! They’ve created a range of chocolate treats that are healthy, yummy, ethical & environmentally friendly. And best of all, I couldn’t possibly tell you which flavour to go for because they are all just so good and different. 😀chocolita reviewIf you want to find out more about Chocolita & their heavenly chocolates, visit: