Crazy Jack Organic Snacks

As far as soft & dry fruits snacks go, the guys at Crazy Jack have some amazing organic options. The ones I’ve tried so far are the soft dates, apricots and prunes – they are super squidgy, juicy and full of flavour. I love to mix them in my breakfast chia puddings and my oatmeal. 🙂                                           Crazy Jack Organic SnacksAside from a wide range of fruit snacks, they also have syrups, nuts & seeds, pulses, grains & spices, and grains & cereals. All the pantry essentials!                                           Crazy Jack Organic SnacksWhat I love most about Crazy Jack Organic is that they work in a sustainable and responsible way with farmers from all over the world, including places like Turkey, Sri Lanka, and the Amazon Rainforest. That’s some pretty awesome stuff. ❤                                                                       Crazy Jack Organic Snacks

What kind of snacks are your favourite? 

If you want to find out more about the Crazy Jack Organic range of products, check out their site!