Dr. Goerg – Organic Coconut Products

Time to talk coconuts! I LOVE the products by Dr. Goerg. I use their coconut sugar, coconut butter and coconut oil in most of my desserts. It goes without saying that all their products are vegan friendly, but what’s also amazing is that they are organic and fair trade too!dr goerg reviewI’ve been using coconut sugar instead of regular sugar for a while now. As far as sweeteners go, I think coconut sugar is one of the best options out there. I also recommend that you use coconut oil or coconut butter instead of margarine or vegetable oil. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s definitely healthier for you. Just the other day I was reading up on different kinds of oils. I wanted to better understand which oils you should be frying with and which you should enjoy cold, and it looks like coconut oil is the best vegan-friendly option for frying. Olive oil is great too but not for cooking over high heat. If you use it for frying, olive oil can actually turn toxic. Better to keep the olive oil for your salads, and your coconut oil for cooking and baking. 🙂dr goerg reviewAside from sugar, oil & butter, these guys also make coconut chips, coconut oil for animals ( can be used for grooming your furry friends ), matcha with coconut sugar ( great for making matcha lattes!), moringa with coconut sugar, coconut flour, and coconut milk. dr goerg reviewIf you want to try using coconut products in your baking, try this Spiced Cake with Coconut Almond Buttercream Frosting.spiced cake with coconut almond buttercream frostingTo find out more about Dr Goerg products, visit their site here.