Feel-Good Teas by TeaPigs

…and that’s exactly what they are: feel-good teas! 🙂 If you’re a passionate tea drinker, you may have already tried some teas by TeaPigs. You’ll be happy to know they just added 3 more varieties to their already extensive selection. Now you can get yourself these awesome flavours too:

  • Clean & Green ( for detoxing )
  • Up Beet ( for energy )
  • Snooze ( for sleeping )

Feel-Good Teas by TeaPigs

Just like all their other products, the Feel-Good teas are all natural and come in boxes of 2 or 15 pyramids. These teas can be enjoyed hot or cold, though personally I have only tried them hot. 

All three varieties are lovely, no complains here! As always, TeaPigs stays true to form and delivers another range of super yummy teas. 🙂 ❤ Up Beet is a great combo of beetroot, hibiscus and green tea ( perfect in the afternoon when you’re feeling lazy and need a little pick-me-up ), and Snooze is a mix of lavender, apple and chamomile ( FINALLY a chamomile tea I have come to enjoy and love ).

Feel-Good Teas by TeaPigs

My favourite is the Clean & Green made with lemongrass, green tea, ginger, and coconut pieces. It’s light, refreshing, slightly sweet, and perfect for breakfast. And the longer you let it brew, the more your room will smell like coconut!

All three varieties have such gorgeous, complex flavours, it would be just plain silly not to stock a box or two in your cupboard. 1f604.png

Teas by TeaPigs

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