Four Sigma Foods – Medicinal Mushroom Drinks

I discovered the Four Sigma Foods mushroom drinks by chance, and what a find they are! Now, before your mind jumps to magic mushrooms, hallucinogenic frogs, and Puff the Magic Dragon, let me just say that these products are anything but that ( sorry! ). These ‘shrooms won’t bring you instant happiness, but they will help you live healthier. four sigma foods reviewThese guys have managed to combine the medicinal properties of mushrooms like Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, and Chaga with drinks we all know and love – coffee & hot chocolate! I’m not only loving the innovation factor here, but as a caffeine junkee, I’m so happy to find an alternative to coffee that gives me the bounce without the jitters. four sigma foods reviewAside from their oh-so yummy earthy coffee, I’m also hooked on the XOCO Hot Chocolate drinks made with Chaga and Reishi mushrooms. They are perfect after dinner when you fancy something sweet but healthy. What’s more relaxing that curling up on the couch with a hot cup of cocoa? 🙂four sigma foods reviewThey also offer mushroom drinks, which you can mix into your smoothies, or dissolve in hot water and enjoy instead of your morning tea & coffee. four sigma foods reviewOn their website they provide more information about which mushroom drinks you should incorporate in your diet depending on whether you want to boost your brain power, stay calm, feel energised or increase your immunity. 

Here’s something else that is a big plus in my book – for every mushroom box sold, they donate a portion of medical mushrooms to a cancer patient. Two thumbs up!

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