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If you are worried about animal suffering, it’s only natural you not only rethink your diet, but also which other products you purchase. Choosing not to eat meat & then running out and buying a pair of leather boots is a no-go in my book. And when it comes to cosmetics in particular, animal testing is ALWAYS a big problem, and something that we don’t pay attention to enough when we select which shampoo we wash our hair with or which creams we use. Sure, it’s hard to change everything overnight, but with so many vegan products at our disposal, living a life driven by compassion has never been easier. Baby steps! 🙂fresh therapies reviewToday I was just thinking about vegan nail polish & nail polish removers, and wanted to share a favourite of mine with you. I recently got to try the lovely nail polish remover by Fresh Therapies (available in liquid format or wipes ) and was absolutely blown away. It’s not tested on animals, it’s made with all natural products and has a lovely floral smell…none of that icky acetone stench! It’s also made with lime oil which leaves your nails feeling shinny and healthy. I especially love the wipes. You can clean all ten nails with just one wipe, plus they are fantastic for travel. fresh therapies review

Here’s what they use to make the Eden Natural Nail Polish Remover:

  • Dimethyl Glutarate
  • Dimethyl Adipate
  • Dimethyl Succinate
  • Ethylhexyl Palmitate*
  • Limonene*
  • Citrus Aurantifolia Oil*
  • Citral*
  • Linalool*

*vegetable derived

All these ingredients are biodegradable and safe for the environment. WooHoo! 😀

To find out more about Fresh Therapies, and which other fantastic vegan products they currently have, visit:

Which nail polish & nail polish remover do you use? Leave me a comment below!