Goodyfull – Organic Wholefoods Made Simple

You know me, always on the lookout for interesting new vegan brands, and fascinating products! And this week I’m reviewing some products by Goodyfull. These guys not only source, package, and sell nutrient-dense foods like cacao powder and chia seeds, but they also deliver the amount you need when you need it, which makes it incredibly practical for those of us who spend our days baking, juicing, and blending. I think its a very simple but interesting concept, and if i have to be honest, one I haven’t seen other companies do before.                                              Goodyfull - Organic Wholefoods Made SimpleThese guys started out not that long ago, so they don’t have a lot of products. You can currently buy coconut flour, cacao powder, and chia seeds ( all staple ingredients I personally can’t go long without). Can’t wait to see what they bring out next!                     Goodyfull - Organic Wholefoods Made SimpleI’ve tried all three products & am absolutely impressed, not just because of the quality, but also because all their stuff is organic. The packaging is eco friendly too ( always a plus in my book ). I also love that there’s some information on the back of each product that tells you a little bit about it’s nutritional value, and how it was produced & harvested.                                                         minty fresh chia puddingMy absolute favourite are the chia seeds, they are great for making healthy breakfast treats. Here’s a chia pudding recipe you can try. 

If you love good cacao powder and chia seeds as much as I do ( which is an awful lot! ), then I really recommend you check them out. 🙂 You can find more information about them here.