Hectares Sweet Potato Crisps

This blog post is all about yummy sweet potato snacks. Just the other day I tried the crisps by Hectares & I was instantly hooked! They are really crunchy, super flavourful, and less greasy than you classic potato crisps.                                           Hectares Sweet Potato CrispsThe sweet potatoes are hand-picked in North Carolina, USA and hand-cooked  in the UK. The crisps come in 3 flavours, two of which are vegan friendly – Lightly Sea Salted and Red Onion & Black Pepper. I love both of them!                                             Hectares Sweet Potato CrispsI also thought it was admirable that they support sustainable agricultural projects around the world. The packaging is pretty cute too! So in short, the only way these treats could be any better is if they were organic. 🙂                                          Hectares Sweet Potato CrispsTo find out more about Hectares, check out their site here.