Hodmedod’s British Beans & Quinoa

A couple of weeks back or so, I came across this small company that sources and supplies beans, quinoa and other delicious products from British farmers – Hodmedod. Hodmedod ReviewI felt instantly attracted for two reasons –  firstly, I love that they work with small farms, and secondly, you can really tell that they put a lot of care and thought into selecting, packaging and presenting their products. Plus their hedgehog logo is absolutely adorable. 🙂Hodmedod ReviewThey offer organic and conventional pulses and grains ( quinoa, beans and peas ), ready cooked beans and peas ( these come in cans ), and snacks such as roasted & salted fava beans, horseradish flavoured roasted peas, and a variety of crisps.Hodmedod ReviewI cannot vouch for all their products, but I was really happy with the ones I tried – their quinoa and their split fava beans. Both products are super yummy ( I really loved how fluffy the quinoa was when cooked), and easy to prepare. The fava beans even come with a cute recipe booklet filled with delicious but simple lunch and dinner ideas anyone can execute. Hodmedod Review

Hodmedod ReviewIf you ever get your hands on some of their products, why not try some of the recipes I’ve posted on the blog? 😀 I’ve used their quinoa and fave beans to make my:

Spinach Beetroot QuinoaSpinach beetroot quinoa

Fava Bean & Pea PattiesFava bean and pea pattiesTo find out more about Hodmedod’s, visit: www.hodmedods.co.ukHodmedod Review