Human + Kind : Skincare with a Conscience

This week I switched to a new range of skincare products, the Human + Kind collection: natural, chemical-free beauty products that are not tested on animals.                                    Human + Kind : Skincare with a ConscienceMy first impression? I think Human + Kind products are just fantabulous! I really can’t find any fault with any of the things I’ve tried so far ( to date, I’ve used the Body Soufflé, the Body Oil, and the Night & Day Cream ). If I had to pick a favourite, I would have to go for the Soufflé. It smells super nice, and gets absorbed by the skin fast without leaving it feeling heavy and sweaty.                         Human + Kind : Skincare with a ConscienceAs far as their selection of products, aside from the body care range which includes oils, lotions, butters, and scrubs, they also make different creams, and hair care products.               Human + Kind : Skincare with a ConscienceWhat I also like is that they explain in depth all about the ingredients that go into their products ( if you head over to their site, you can find all the info under the “Ingredients” tab ). AND, perhaps less relevant but I will go ahead and say it, the packaging is really pretty too! 🙂                          Human + Kind : Skincare with a ConscienceTo find out more about Human + Kind, head over to their site.