Indigo Herbs – Health, Nutrition & Wellbeing

If you’ve never heard of Indigo Herbs, I promise you’re going to LOVE this brand and the many healthy, diverse and interesting products they make. 🙂

These guys have an incredibly fascinating range of products, from superfoods, herbs, and teas, to aromatherapy goodies and tinctures. Not all their stuff is vegan, but they do have a relatively large selection, some of which is also organic ( woop! ). You really need a whole afternoon to go through everything carefully, but it’s well worth the time if you ask me. You’ll end up discovering some really cool stuff!           Indigo HerbsI got to try the Cola Nut tincture, the Walnut Butter, the Cranberry Powder, and the Lemon Peel Tea. I absolutely LOVE the Cranberry Powder. It’s great for smoothies, also used it to make some yummy cranberry flavoured icing for a cake. The Lemon Peel tea is super fragrant, and perfect for those moments when you want to unwind. And the Raw Organic Walnut Butter? A pot of goodness!♥ The Cola Nut tincture was a bit odd for me, very bitter. Nevertheless, it was very interesting to try.                                          Indigo HerbsI will also mention that I was very impressed with the Indigo Herbs site. At first I was a bit overwhelmed with all the products and the information, but if you spend some time navigating around, it really is very complete and well thought out. The folks who work there are very helpful & friendly, and delivery is super swift. Two thumbs up! 🙂                                                   Indigo HerbsIf you want to find out more about Indigo Herbs and their products, visit their site here.