It’s Not Easy Being Vegan!

Yes, being vegan in a carnivore society does have its challenges, especially when your friends take you to have dinner at restaurants that aren’t all that vegetarian-friendly.You wouldn’t even believe how many odd conversations I’ve had with waiters trying to explain why fish is still meat, or why eggs are not like vegetables. It’s not easy being vegan! I’ve had to deal with a lot of craziness, like…

…asking for a “Vegetarian Sandwich” in a tapas bar in Barcelona, and getting a tuna ciabatta with a bit of lettuce and some tomato slices. Umm…whaaaatttt?!

…having to order a plain salad because there is nothing else on the menu, and being asked repeatedly if I wanted some cheese or fried eggs with that. NO THANK YOU, veggies are good enough for me!

…finding out that one of my favourite take-out place uses pig fat to make the pizza base. “But it’s only a little” was the best they could come up with after labelling their product as ‘vegetarian’.

…spotting tuna dumplings in a vegetarian place. I’m not sure what’s going on with Spanish people and tuna, but someone should tell them it doesn’t grow on trees!

…realizing that some brands add milk proteins to their plain potato crisps. WHY?!?!

…having to listen to a waiter in Copenhagen go on and on about how it’s impossible to change any of the dishes on their menu because that would “affect the balance of flavour”.

…asking for a pizza without cheese and getting charged the same price as your mate who gets three times as many toppings. 

…finding pieces of meat “unintentionally” mixed into your vegetarian dish. Why is it so difficult for chefs to put away the bacon??

If you’ve been vegan for a while, I’m sure you can relate, and if you’ve just recently decided to live cruelty free, remember to laugh at situations like these when they happen to you…after all, they are the strange ones for being close-minded, not you for having a kind heart. At the end of the day….

Got some funny stories of your own to tell? Drop me a comment! 🙂

4 comments on “It’s Not Easy Being Vegan!

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  3. We have gone vegan and when eating out it is challenging. We find that we will not intentionally order cheese, milk, eggs with anything. However, we realize that the staff do not have any idea nutritionally what is in the food. So we are resigned to be vegetarian when eating out. We do not order any cheese and always ask. I think the biggest shock is going down to Southern California from Alaska. Thinking it was going to be Vegan nirvana. Only to realize that meat and dairy rule the marketplace. I saw the consumption of meat I have not noticed in the past. Our eyes are open. The menu’s online stated vegan, only to find out in the restaurants that they are out of any vegan items, or someone just placed it there to lure people to the restaurant. Love HappyCow app.

    • Hi Nicholas, thanks for sharing your experience!
      Everything you just described sounds so familiar…the Happy Cow app is great, it’s such a life saver, especially when I’m on the road!

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