Jewels of the Forest – Mushroom Jerky

As far as vegan jerky goes, I’ve seen a few brands using coconut, so I was excited to discover these snacks made by Jewels of the Forest. They use mushrooms instead of coconut to make their Sweet Chili and Sesame jerky. ❤

Jewels of the Forest - Mushroom Jerky

These snacks are made using organic oyster mushrooms, soy sauce, cane sugar, and spices. That’s it! No funky unknown ingredients. As far as flavor and texture go, these jerkies are spot on. The Sesame variety has a tamari/garlicy flavour, whereas the Sweet Chili is pleasantly spicy. Both snacks are very chewy ( as they should be!), and have a lovely mushroomy aftertaste. I’ve used them as a topping in my salads, as a sandwich filler…on lazy days I just eat the ´shrooms right out of the bag 🙂

Jewels of the Forest - Mushroom Jerky

Made in Occidental, CA, these mushroom snacks are 100% vegan, non gmo, gluten free, and 100% natural. Even though I love both varieties, I’d say I prefer the Sweet Chili simply because I’m crazy about spicy food.

If you are a fan of jerky, give these snacks a try! 😀 

Jewels of the Forest - Mushroom Jerky 

To find out more about Jewels of the Forest & their mushroom jerky, check out their site here.

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