Louola’s Superfood Quinola

Louola’s quinola is a fantastic healthy alternative to all the junk food cereal out there. Their mixes are quinoa based, with added superfoods, nuts and seeds, so they are naturally high in protein, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Another thing I like about them is that they are free from grains, refined sugar, and dairy. Super healthy stuff!                                                          Louola's Superfood QuinolaThese mixes are great for breakfast with some nut milk or dairy free yogurt, or as a mid afternoon snack. They also make excellent smoothie or salad toppers. 🙂                           Louola's Superfood QuinolaFor now Louola’s quinola comes in three varieties : beetroot, cashew & coconut; banana, cacao & goji berries; mixed nuts, cranberry & cinnamon. Out of the three I got to try the ones with goji berries & cranberries. Loved them both!                                                   Louola's Superfood QuinolaIf you want to find out more about Louola’s quinola, check out their site!                          Louola's Superfood Quinola