Mulu’s New Raw Chocolate Bars

Following the release of an amazing assortment of raw chocolate truffles, Mulu has now increased its selection of chocolate bars too (woop!), bringing us a variety of interesting flavours such as banana, coconut, hazelnut, chai, and 85% dark chocolate. 🙂

Mulu's New Raw Chocolate Bars

So what’s different about the new Mulu chocolate bars? First of all, the flavours (all of which are spot on, by the way). The ones that surprised me most were the Banana & the Chai bars. Super yummy and creamy, making them the perfect addition to any smoothie.

Mulu's New Raw Chocolate Bars

All the new bars are still raw and organic, but they are a lot thinner than the “classic” Mulu chocolates.

Something else that’s different about these bars is the sweetener used. Agave syrup and coconut sugar are the most popular sweeteners found in raw chocolate; I was surprised to see that these bars contained something called SugaVeda (aka Palmyra jaggery), which is a crystalised nectar that is collected from the Palmyra palm, a plant native to Sri Lanka and India. According to experts, this ayurvedic ingredient is a great alternative to sugar; it’s also nutrient dense and naturally high in Vitamin B12, so it’s even more beneficial to vegans and vegetarians.

Mulu's New Raw Chocolate Bars

All in all, this new range of chocolate bars is a great addition to an already fantastic selection of Mulu products. A must try for any chocolate lover! ❤

Mulu's New Raw Chocolate Bars

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