PureChimp Super Tea

This blog post is all about matcha, the amazing superfood from Japan that’s packed with antioxidants, which help boost your metabolism, increase energy levels, improve your memory & lower your cholesterol. You can use it in smoothies, mix it with hot milk to make lattes, or even bake with it. Matcha ice-cream is a personal favourite of mine, especially now in summer. 🙂 

Thanks to its health benefits, matcha has become incredibly popular in the last couple of years, so you’ll find that it’s very easy to come by. One company who sells some great matcha products is PureChimp Super Tea.                                                                                    PureChimp Super TeaThe matcha they use comes from Kyoto, Japan. After being harvested, it is ground into a fine powder & then packaged in the UK. PureChimp Super Tea not only makes the “classic” matcha tea powder, they also have a couple of flavoured varieties – mint & lemon ( loved the mint matcha, very refreshing ).                       PureChimp Super TeaFlavourwise, their products are spot on. They are also 100% natural, always a plus in my book. What I also like is that they donate 5% of their profits to charity. ❤                                                                                  PureChimp Super TeaTo find out more about their matcha products, visit their site