Purely Elizabeth – Ancient Grain Breakfast Treats

If you love to start your day with a big smoothie bowl topped off with yummy fresh fruit & granola, then we’re very much alike! I do make my own granola but many times I also end up buying my cereal, and it makes me really happy to see that there are companies out there that create products with the health of the consumer in mind. Purely Elizabeth is one of them. 🙂                                                    Purely Elizabeth - Granola & MuesliAll the products made by Purely Elizabeth are essentially healthier, better-tasting alternatives to the conventional, sugar-packed breakfast foods currently available on the market. Their selection of mixes ranges from granola and oatmeal, to hot cereal and muesli. All Purely goodies are:

  • MADE WITH innovative, nutrient-rich ingredients including ancient grains + superfood seeds
  • FREE OF refined sugar
  • CERTIFIED gluten-free, vegan, organic + non-gmo project verified
  • FREE OF artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, preservatives + gmos

I personally loved all the mixes I tried. My absolute favorite ones are the “Apple Currant Ancient Grain Muesli”, and the “Ancient Grain Granola”. ❤                                           Purely Elizabeth - Granola & MuesliAside from making really tasty breakfast noms, I was also pleased to see that 1% of their profits gets donated to charities and organizations like Slow Food USA, Wellness in Schools, the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation & Charity: Water. Pretty great stuff!                           Purely Elizabeth - Granola & MuesliYou can find out more about Purely Elizabeth & their lovely products on their site.