Quinola Mothergrain – Organic, Sustainable & Fair Trade Quinoa

Quinoa is the best, easiest to cook gluten-free substitute for things like pasta and couscous. It’s super versatile, you can use it in cold salads, as well as hot mains, soups and even desserts! And the best part, it’s very affordable and easy to come by.Quinola MothergrainQuinola Mothergrain is one of the quinoa brands that grabbed my attention because their products are organic, sustainable, and also fair trade (most of their quinoa comes from Peru). They’ve got a fantastic range of products, from classic quinoa and express meals, to breakfast flakes, flour, and even special food for kids and babies. Quinola MothergrainI personally love their ready to eat mixes ( they’ve got four different kinds: Spicy Mexican, Split Peas, Pearl & Black Quinoa, Pearl & Red Quinoa ). They are super convenient to have in your pantry for when you just want to whip us something fast. These mixes can be ready to eat in just a couple of minutes. Love it! 🙂 Quinola MothergrainIf you want to find out more about Quinola Mothergrain, their products, and the farmers they work with, visit their site here.

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