Seed and Bean Organic Chocolate Bars

The chocolate bars by Seed and Bean are among the yummiest cacao based products I’ve tried so far. Organic and ethically produced, Seed and Bean chocolates are all about the harmony between contemporary, natural flavours and pure cocoa beans. They currently make 18 varieties ( dark, milk and white chocolate ), all of which are handmade in England.                                                       Seed and Bean Organic Chocolate BarsWith flavours like “Mandarin & Ginger”, “Lavender”, “Chilli & Lime”, and ” Lemon & Cardamom”, Seed and Been have managed to create a range of products that is bold, unique, and full of suprises. I haven’t tried all the vegan varieties yet, but out of the ones I have tasted so far, the “Lavender” as well as the “Lemon & Cardamom” ones were amazing! I will say this though, if you are vegan, be sure to check the list of ingredients before you buy a bar since some of them are not 100% vegan friendly ( I ended up with one of their milky bars by mistake :().                                                                  Seed and Bean Organic Chocolate Bars Aside from the mouthwatering flavours, Seed and Bean use only organic, fair trade ingredients. What’s also great is that their chocolates are produced locally in small batches, which means it doesn’t get shipped from thousands of miles away so less carbon emissions. The packaging is also environmentally friendly – the wrapper is made out of paper and the “foil” out of natureflex (aka trees).                                             Seed and Bean Organic Chocolate Bars If you want to find out more about Seed and Bean, head over to their site!