Solkiki – Chocolate from Bean to Bar

If you love white chocolate, you must try the handcrafted chocolate bars by Solkiki. They are creamy smooth, and come in a variety of interesting flavours like Tahitian Nougat, Strawberry, Tangy & Sweet Raspberry, Lemon & Coconut, and Balinese Coconut. Aside from their yummy white chocolate bars, they also have mylk & dark chocolate. So much choice!                               Solkiki - Chocolate from Bean to BarThese bars are 100% organic, and unlike other chocolate makers, these guys are involved in the entire process: they work directly with local farmers to harvest, ferment and dry the beams. They then handpick the best beans, roast them, crack them, and separate the nibs from the shells. After stone grinding the nibs, they refine the cacao which later goes into making their chocolate.                                                     Solkiki - Chocolate from Bean to BarThe flavours of every bar are so different & special, you can tell a lot of thought has gone into crafting each and every product they sell. It’s also really admirable to see that the cacao they use is ethically sourced, and that the farmers are paid fairly for their work and harvest.                                    Solkiki - Chocolate from Bean to BarI am an absolute fan of their dark & mylk chocolates. I also really enjoyed some of the white chocolate bars ( the raspberry and the nougat ones are AMAZING ). I have to admit that some of them are a bit too sweet for me, like the strawberry one, but then again, that’s purely a preference thing. 🙂                                                         Solkiki - Chocolate from Bean to BarIf you want to find out more about Solkiki, check out their site here