Soul Bottles – Sustainability is Sexy!

Look at these bottles!! Aren’t they just darling? ❤ They sure made me ditch plastic & drink more water. 🙂Soul BottlesThe idea behind Soulbottles is simple. To reduce plastic waste, and to make water drinking more fun. I don’t know what it is about these bottles, but before I always used to forget to hydrate myself, and now after having this bottle sitting around it’s never been a problem anymore. The bottles come in different designs, and can hold 0.6L of liquid. I don’t find them ideal for the gym, but they are perfect to have around at home, at work, or if you go travelling.                                                                      Soul BottlesThese guys also make water filters, candles ( not sure what the connection is there, but they sure are cute! ), and various accessories for your Soulbottle, like caps.                                        Soul BottlesI’ve really enjoyed discovering & using my Soulbottle. I hope you find them as incredible as I do. 🙂 

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