Stur – Sugar Free Water Flavour Enhancers

The Stur range of products is PERFECT for anyone who’s looking for a way to drink more liquids. Believe it or not, some people actually cannot get themselves to drink a lot of plain water…I was one of those people! I used to find water so boring, I would often turn to unhealthy juices & soda drinks thinking it was better to drink that than nothing at all. Since then I’ve done my research & I now know better. I traded in the sugary soda drinks for teas & lemon or fruit infusions. That’s how I could get myself to gulp down all the water my body needed every day. Stur - Sugar Free Water Flavour EnhancersI do feel the need to mix things up now and again, so I was really intrigued when I stumbled across these water flavour enhancers by Stur. They are full of vitamins, contain no artificial colours or flavours, are non-GMO, and have zero calories. They are sweetened with stevia, not sugar, so they are safe for diabetics. These water enhancers also got the thumbs-up from pregnant women & athletes. Stur - Sugar Free Water Flavour EnhancersFlavour-wise, Stur water enhancers come in different coconut, fruit or tea based varieties. I liked all the ones I tried so far, particularly the tea infusions, and I find that they really do come in handy when I crave sugary drinks, or when I go to the gym and I need to force myself to drink more water to stay hydrated. A great find without a doubt! Stur - Sugar Free Water Flavour EnhancersHow do you guys stay hydrated? 🙂 If you want to find out more about Stur, visit their site here.