Taking the Pea – Let’s Give Peas a Chance!

Check out these yummy pea snacks! Yes we’re all familiar with the wasabi flavored peas ( how good are they!) but these guys over at Taking the Pea are now going beyond that. Aside from their Wacky Wasabi peas, they’ve also come up with 3 more fun varieties – Sweet Chilli Salsa, Smoked Ham ( no piggies were hurt in the production of this product – yay! ), and Cheesy Peasy and Onion. Sad news guys, the cheesy ones are not vegan. 🙁  But even so, the rest of them are, and they are ridiculously tasty and crunchy.taking the pea reviewMy absolute favorite? If I had to pick one, I would choose wasabi flavored, followed by the chilli salsa ones. I’m super excited to turn in my fatty potato chips, and replace them with crunchy peas. Looks like movie night just got healthier. 🙂taking the pea reviewThe pea illustrations are nothing short of adorable, and if you flip the package over, you’ve got some valuable information on the back about the ingredients used. There’s also a talking pea that tells you how much exercise you have to do to burn off the calories you just gobbled up. ( I don’t know what it is about talking peas, but all of the sudden I feel motivated to do more yoga!)taking the pea reviewAnother plus in my book is the portion size. Each pack is only 40g, and has no more than 155 calories. Everything nowadays is supersized…when it comes to snacking, small & controlled portions are the best. Buying ginormous bags of fried stuff, even if it’s veggie chips, is never a smart choice.taking the pea reviewIf you want to find out more about the folks who make these snacks, and how you can get to try them, visit: www.takingthepea.com