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I’ve just recently started using face sponges, and I’m absolutely in love! Seriously, I don’t think my face has ever felt smoother or looked clearer without even using any cleansing gels or creams. Konjac sponges in particular are magical ( konjac is a perennial plant native to Asia that grows at high altitudes, and looks a little like a Bonsai ).konjac sponge company reviewThe Konjac Sponge Company makes a great selection of sponges for different skin types, including red clay, bamboo charcoal, green clay, pink clay, and 100% pure konjac. They have face & bath sponges, sponges for men and babies, and even sponges for our furry friends.konjac sponge company reviewThe sponges are handmade using Konjac plant fibre, which is rich in moisture and mineral goodness, and can be used alone or with a cleanser. I find the “Use & Care” guide that comes with every sponge very useful. It tells you not only how to use the sponge, but also how to dry it ( with proper care, the sponges can last up to 3 months, so they are relatively cost-effective & environmentally friendly ). Oh yea, one more thing – all of their products are natural, and cruelty-free. Woop! 🙂konjac sponge company reviewI never stop being fascinated with the texture of the sponges! When dry they are rock hard, and then with just a bit of water…. *taa daa* super squidgy! 😀 konjac sponge company reviewFor more information about konjac sponges, visit:


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    • Hi Caitlin,

      Thanks for stopping by! Yes, exactly. You can use it just with water ( it’s great for exfoliating ). Sometimes I like to use it also with a cleansing gel. 🙂

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