The Primal Pantry – Paleo Bars

Vegan friends, yoga peeps, and fellow health nuts – I’ve spent some time now checking out different vegan energy bars and nutritious snacks ( and by checking out I mean stuffing my face ), and I must say, there’s some really great stuff out there! I’m so happy to see that with each passing day vegans have more choice. And while we’re on the topic of cruelty-free snacking, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you more about a personal favorite of mine – the Primal Pantry bars. They make some fantastic paleo snacks, and ever since I discovered them, I rarely leave home without a bar in my bag.primal_pantry_reviewThey are great in the morning when I don’t have time to make myself a smoothie, or in the afternoon before yoga. I normally go to the studio right after work, so my stomach is grumbling but I know I’m not supposed to eat right before class ( a full belly when you have to do all those inversions is never a good idea! ). That’s when these paleo bars come in handy! They are super nutritious, and they give me the energy I need for my practice without making my stomach feel heavy. 🙂primal_pantry_reviewThe bars are handmade in the UK and come in 5 yummy flavors (I’ve got one flavor assigned for each day of the work week). You’ve got: Hazelnut and Cocoa, Apple and Pecan, Coconut and Macademia, Brazil Nut and Cherry, and Almond and Cashew.primal_pantry_reviewAll the bars are paleo, raw, gluten & dairy free, vegan, and GMO free. I can honestly say I enjoy all the varieties, but my absolute favorites are Hazelnut/Cocoa, and Apple/Pecan.primal_pantry_reviewThe bars contain between 4 and 6 different ingredients ( dates, almond oil and a selection of different nuts, fruits and spices). So simple, but so good! I’m so fed up with overcomplicated/overly processed foods…there are some snacks out there with ingredient lists that read like essays. Crazy stuff! Sometimes less is more,and this is the perfect example. At the end of the day, if you know your foods, you don’t need anything more than simple/primal ingredients like nuts and seeds to create something extraordinary. primal_pantry_reviewprimal_pantry_reviewIf you want to find out more about these yummy paleo bars, I invite you to check out their site (you won’t be sorry!) –  www.primalpantry.comprimal_pantry_review