Vantastic Foods – Vegan Cordon Bleu

I’m sure many of you have already had your fair share of vegan products from Vantastic Foods….I know I have! I love both the quality of their products, as well as the novelty factor. One of my absolute favourite desserts made by them is the raspberry white chocolate ( if you want to search for it, the range is called Schakalode, and comes in a few other varieties as well including milk chocolate, and matcha ).

This post is about one of their latest products – a vegan Cordon Bleu! Super yummy, with a delish “cheezey” center. 🙂                                                          Vantastic Foods - Vegan Cordon BleuThe fillet is a bit like a vegan schnitzel, made out of soy and wheat. The product itself is almost ready to eat, you just have to fry it lightly in the pan or heat it up in the oven. Each pack comes with two pieces of Cordon Blue…you know, in case you want to share (or not!).                    Vantastic Foods - Vegan Cordon BleuI give the Cordon Bleu fillet two thumbs-up. It’s super easy to prepare, and very tasty. Had mine with some fresh salad. It was gone before I realised what was happening! 😀 😀                                              Vantastic Foods - Vegan Cordon BleuIf you want to find out more about Vantastic Foods & their amazing vegan products, check out their site!