VITL – Personalised Nutrition & Supplements

Check out these vitamins! 😀 The team behind VITL are experts in nutrition; aside from their extensive range of essential supplements and vitamins such as Omega 3 and Vitamin D, they also offer tailor made vitamin packs and content based on individual needs. Furthermore, they manufacture pregnancy supplements and plant-based superblends (these are perfect if you’re looking for a daily energy boost!).

VITL - Personalised Nutrition & Supplements

Out of all their products I tried the Vitamin D soft gels. Vitamin D, also known as the Sunshine Vitamin because we normally get it from the sun, has several benefits for our bodies: 

– it’s great for bones and teeth
– it supports our immune system, brain, and nervous system
– it helps regulate insulin levels
– it’s great for cardiovascular health
– helps prevent cancer
VITL - Personalised Nutrition & Supplements

These vitamins by VITL come in a metal tin of 30 units, so you have about a month’s supply in each tin. And of course, needless to say they are suitable for vegans, are non GMO, gluten free & contain no funky ingredients or nasties. They have no fillers or bulking agents, no artificial colours, no sweeteners or salt, no yeast or maize, and no preservatives. Each tin costs €8,95, or if you sign up for a monthly delivery you can get them for €5,95.

VITL - Personalised Nutrition & Supplements

If you want to try their Vitamin D capsules, Cesqui’s Vegan Boxes has included a pack in their October Snacks Box. 

For more information about VITL or their products, check out their site here.