White Rabbit Skin Care

Super yummy creams, serums, and toners for your skin! White Rabbit Skin Care is a small company from Scotland that makes some amazing vegan skin care products. ❤                                                               White Rabbit Skin CareAll their products are natural, handmade in small batches, and free from Parabens, SLS, Silicones, derivatives of petrochemicals, artificial fragrances or colours, and other nasty ingredients you tend to find in your typical commercial cosmetics. They also don’t contain any animal-derived ingredients, and are not tested on animals. Another big plus, all their packaging is recyclable! They even offer you a small discount for future purchases if you return the old packaging.                                                                              White Rabbit Skin CareLooking at their range of products, White Rabbit Skin Care have a wide selection of day & night creams. They also make olive & avocado cell renewal serums, orange blossom & aloe vera toners, as well as cleansing water & cleaning balms. With the exception of a tea tree, lemon and rosehip beard oil, all their products are for ladies ( yay! )                                                                                                            White Rabbit Skin CareOut of all their products, so far I’ve only tried some of their creams: “Rosehip & Camellia”, “Coconut & Rosehip”, “It’s All About M.E.”, and “Rose and Frankincence”. All of them have a lovely natural scent, and leave your skin feeling super soft. My favourites out of the four have got to be the “Coconut & Rosehip”, and the “Rosehip & Camellia”. My skin is relatively sensitive and tends to sweat if I apply creams that have a dense consistency. I thought these two were very light, and got absorbed into my skin in a matter of seconds. My face was left feeling fresh and pampered. 🙂 

For more information about White Rabbit Skin Care, visit their site